National Society of Leadership and Success and the RIT Leadership Institute

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a student run organization at RIT. The Student President is Tegan Spinner. Molly McGowan, Director of the RIT Leadership Institute and Tarra Ognissanti from RIT Residence Life both serve as primary advisors to the NSLS students, but the student organization is in charge of running all the NSLS events and programs. This 2012-2013 academic year has been a pilot year for the RIT NSLS organization and the results have been very positive. Already, hundreds of RIT students have become members and been inducted into the organization!

Any new program or organization can bring natural questions regarding legitimacy from students and their parents. Likewise, the staff at RIT take the vetting processes seriously when considering any new organization on campus. RIT staff researched and reviewed the society at length during the 2011-2012 year. Direct interviews were conducted with several NSLS affiliated universities and the feedback was positive. We feel confident in the programs and services that the society offers for its members and we support the students who take pride in running the NSLS chapter here at RIT. Their events have already had widespread success.

As an ongoing commitment, the RIT Leadership Institute works closely with the NSLS Student Executive Board. They are a diligent group of students and the activities have been well received by student members. The executive board also collected program evaluations from the student members in the fall to gauge their satisfaction with the society thus far. The vast majority of students stated that the program and activities have been very useful and worthwhile . We encourage you to visit their Facebook page and see for yourself!

Read a Letter From Tegan Spinner, RIT NSLS Chapter President

For additional information, please visit:
National Society of Leadership and Success Website
RIT NSLS Chapter Facebook Page

Questions or Concerns?
Please email NSLS RIT Student President Tegan Spinner