RIT Connectology Leadership Conference

Breaking the Mold, Leading the Unconventional Way

Saturday March 15, 2014

Call for Proposals Due: November 22, 2013

On Saturday March 15th, 2014 the RIT Leadership Institute will host the annual RIT Connectology Leadership Conference. The Leadership Institute is seeking individuals who have a passion or expertise in a leadership, service, or career development topic that he or she would like to present at the conference. The theme this year is, Break the Mold: Leading the Unconventional Way. How can you break out of typical leadership traits and really speak to your audiences?

What is the Connectology Leadership Conference?

The Connectology Leadership Conference helps participants sharpen their career and leadership skills and explores ways they might make a difference through leadership development, service, and volunteerism. This one-day conference offers individual workshops and hosts a nationally recognized keynote speaker. Typically 300-400 students, alumni and faculty attend Connectology. Join us and let's make this year even better!

Have a Topic You Would like to Present?

The Leadership Institute is seeking faculty, staff, and students who have a passion and expertise in a leadership, service, or career development topic that he or she would like to present at the conference. If you or a colleague has a topic of interest that you would like to facilitate or co-facilitate at the conference we'd love to hear about it! Simply submit one or two paragraphs describing your topic, workshop objectives, and your methods of facilitation. Please email your submission to RITConnectology@gmail.com by November 22, 2013. Be sure to include your full contact information. Final Selections will be made by mid-December.

What are the Topic Areas and Workshop Details?

The conference offers workshops focused on 6 topic areas. These areas include: Personal Success Skills, Organizational Leadership, Leadership in the Community, Peer Leadership, Life in the Real World, and a Bonus Track. Descriptions of each topic area are listed below. Interactive workshops are strongly preferred and we encourage presenters to find ways to be engaging during their session. Conference workshops are 1-hour in length and typically have 15 - 50 students per session.

Six Conference Tracks

(Multiple workshops will be offered for each track. Students mix and match workshops to suit their interests.)
Personal Success Skills

This RIT Leadership Institute certificate track explores what it takes to enrich ones' personal leadership skills, styles and techniques. Workshops focus on personal leadership development. Past workshops have included Leadership as a Lifestyle, Emotional Intelligence, Values & Decision Making, and Interpersonal Communication.

Organizational Leadership

This RIT Leadership Institute certificate track focuses on how one can apply his or her personal leadership skills to a group, work, community, and global setting. Workshops focus on strategies and techniques of leading others. Past workshops have included Inclusive Leadership, Teamwork and Group Dynamics, Ethical Leadership, Leadership Roles and Styles, Organizational Change.

Peer Leadership

Workshops focus on peer mentors and leaders such as RA's and OA's as well as student organizations and their training and development needs. Past workshops have included Running an Effective Meeting, Dealing with Difficult People, Event Planning and Marketing at RIT, and Presentation Skills.

Leading Social Change: Leadership in the Community

This track is designed to help participants become better leaders in their communities and around the world. Past workshops in this category have included Government Relations, Poverty & Human rights, Sustainability and Environmentalism, and Fighting Poverty through Leadership among others.

Life in the Real World

Geared for upperclassmen nearing graduation, this track offers career and transitional training to students who will soon transition into the "Real World". Past workshops have included Understanding Benefits Packages, Salary Negotiation, Strategies for Career Success, Financial Planning for College Graduates, and a panel of recent college graduates discussing their experiences.

Bonus Track

This fun track features a broad range of workshop offerings related to any leadership, diversity, or career prep topic. Some workshops in this category have included Women in Leadership, Networking for Success, and The Global Workplace. Topics in this track are flexible and enlightening.

Questions, Concerns, or Comments?

Please contact:
Chelsea Triebwasswer
Connectology Chair, Student Advisory Board
RIT Leadership Institute and Community Service Center