RIT's Annual Connectology Leadership Advancement Conference

Sam Davidson

Justin Jones-Fosu

Keynote Speaker

Justin Jones-Fosu is an international speaker, young-award winning entrepreneur, and author. He is the President/Chief Inspirational Officer of Justin Inspires International, LLC (www.justininspires.com) where he speaks 40-55 times a year for corporations, colleges, and youth. He recently launched his second book: “Finding Your Glasses: Revealing and Achieving Authentic Success,” which challenges the reader to find his or her own prescription for a successful life.

Justin obtained his MBA specializing in Leadership and Organizational Change. He has also gained valuable leadership experience with three Fortune 500 companies as well as by consulting with individuals and small business on strategy, leadership, diversity and organizational development. In 2008, Justin was named as one of EBONY Magazines “30 Young Leaders on the Rise” and has been featured in SMART CEO Magazine, the Baltimore Business Journal and other publications. Being a former weekly radio host, Justin continues his passion for current events and how they can positively shape our lives.