Leadership is not solely about holding a position or leading an organization. It is about making a difference in whatever you choose to pursue and being successful at it. Leading oneself to success requires many skills. While some people are born to be natural leaders, no one is perfect, everyone has potential and everyone has something to learn. People can learn how to be more successful in accomplishing their goals. The RIT Leadership Institute offers students with the opportunity to learn about leadership and to practice the skills necessary for personal and career success, whether you see yourself as a leader or not.

In order for a community to be healthy and functional, every person needs to contribute and each person can make a difference in their own way. The Community Service Center gives students the opportunity to engage in the community and develop their personal leadership skills by sharing their time and talent with an organization. The CSC assists students in finding the right fit for their interests and talents, so that they can contribute and fulfill their responsibility to their community.