There are a selection of RIT offered courses that are run by RLI's Director, Molly McGowan, throughout the year that are for credit. These are listed directly below. RIT also offers numerous other courses that focus on leadership, and these too are listed further down on this page.

RLI Leadership Courses

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3097-300 - The Leader In You
This course introduces students to the concept of personal leadership. Students will identify and evaluate frameworks for successful leadership and learn critical skills and strategies that will enable them to achieve success in their personal and professional lives no matter what their discipline. Focus areas include: personal goal setting through the creation of mission and vision statements, self analysis of values and decision making, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal communication techniques. Coursework will include readings enhanced by experiential activities, cases studies, written reports and reflections. This course is suitable for all students desiring to develop and learn about their leadership potential or by permission of instructor. Pre-requisite: None. Credit: 2

3097-301 - Leading Others
In this course, students will learn the most effective strategies and skills needed to be successful at leading others and projects. Through a variety of experiential exercises, field work and an in depth look at a variety of leadership styles and theories, students will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as a leader and develop a plan of action to improve skills. Areas of focus include: leadership theories and styles, teamwork and group dynamics, cultural communication and influence, and ethical decision making. This course is suitable for students with previous leadership experience or by permission of instructor and can be used to meet one of the free elective requirements in the new curriculum. Pre-requisite: None; Credit: 2

3097-305 - Experiential Leadership
This blended learning course is designed for students who are interested in applying critical leadership concepts to a current leadership experience. By integrating course concepts of leadership styles and theories with a leadership field experience, students will be able to assess their skills as a leader and create a plan for growth and development for future success. Each student will be required to create a leadership learning agenda and development plan at the beginning of the quarter based on their current leadership experience. The learning agenda will identify goals for achievement and strategies for assessing and improving upon their effectiveness as a leader. This course will be highly experiential and may require some weekend meetings scheduled by the faulty member and/or the student. Pre-requisite required; 0397-302, The Leader in You, or by permission of the instructor. Credit: 2

3079-462 - Empowered Leadership
This multidisciplinary course has a three-tier structure: a fundamental look at the theories and practices of leadership; a study of leadership styles and their impact on the work environment; and a reflection and self-analysis by the students of their leadership styles. Course work will include extensive readings, case studies, written reports and reflections. Much of the course will operate in a team manner. Credit: 4

RIT Offered Leadership Courses

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